Frequently Asked Questions

What does your Celebrant do for you?

I help with all your legal paperwork, ie, the processing of your marriage licence, with your help I write a personlised ceremony for you and then of course there is the actual ceremony where I take you both through the legalising of your marriage and this is where you say your vows, exchange rings and sign your marriage licence.

How much does a Celebrant cost?

Here in Hawkes Bay most Celebrants will charge between $300 and $500 for their services.

What exactly does the fee include

My fee includes

  • An initial meeting at a mutual place to see if we like each other and feel comfortable with each other

  • As much contact as required by the couple ie, telephone, email, facetime, skype or meeting again

  • All travel within Hawkes Bay

  • Samples of vows, readings, ceremonies and lists of local wedding suppliers

  • A personalised ceremony to suit you both

  • Special tips on what works well and what does not for your ceremony

  • A rehersal is a must for all couples as this sets everyone at ease and this is usually held the day before the ceremony

  • A finalised copy of your ceremony

How to apply for your marriage licence

Each couple must complete a "notice of intended marriage" (a BDM60) form. This can be downloaded from A good idea is to download it, read it through, fill it in and then take it in with payment to your local courhouse. One of the party must be present at lodgement. The licence will cost approximately $122.30 and will take about 3 working days to process and it is valid for 3 months. This is YOUR responsibility, not the celebrants. Please be aware to take into account public holidays when applying for a licence and allow enough time to process it. Information on applying for your licence whilst living overseas can also be found on the above website.

Witnesses to your marriage

You will need two witnesses to witness your signing of your marriage licence. You can have anyone you like as long as they are able to understand what they are witnessing. Some couples have their Bestman and Maid of Honour others have their Mothers, Fathers or other family members - Children as also permitted to sign as long as they understand the importance of the part they take in recording of the marriage - your choice!


Readings, Poems etc

Readings and poems are not compulsory in your marriage ceremony but they do add some extra value to the service. Please ensure that you have ahd some say in the choice of reading and who your reader is. I can supply you with lots of readings to choose from or go online and have a look.



It is always lovely to hear vows that couples have written themselves but many do not know where to start. I have a large collection of vows which I send out to couples and it will give them an idea on where to start or perhaps they will just select their vows from the samples supplied.

How long does the Ceremony take?

This would be the most asked questions and it all depends on what you want in your ceremony, how many readings, poems, enactments (ie, dove releases, candle lighting, butterfly releases, ten year anniversary boxes, mixing of sand etc) that you want or do not want! In general the average length of a ceremony is 25-30 minutes.

Overseas couples

A lot of couples return home from overseas to get married - others make Hawkes Bay a destination wedding. With modern technology ie, Skype, Facetime and emailing it is very easy to organise a wedding from afar. I am quite happy to help with anything you would like.


Same sex marriages

I am very happy to perform same sex marriages - love it love and it is always awesome to see couples so in love.


When do you need to book a Celebrant?

A lot of Celebrants I know are booked at least six months to a year out so please do not hesitate - as soon as you know your date, time and venue make contact with a Celebrant!

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